Validation Equipment

To assist in your practice we also sell equipment to evaluate and validate the efficacy of a particular enzyme/supplement regimen or protocol. While not essential to the process of diagnosis and prescription these tools are powerful aids.

Quantitative Fluid Analyzer
  • Evaluates the internal "biological terrain" providing a meaningful "picture" of various metabolic processes and their state of homeostasis
  • Uses a sample of urine, saliva, and optionally blood to make its evaluation

BIP - Body Typing Evaluation and Analysis
  • An integrative, clinically-based program
  • Provides a non-invasive way to focus on and utilize biochemical-Individual uniqueness
  • Assists in selecting specifically targeted protocols

Dark Field Microscopy:
  • Uses one drop of finger-pricked blood
  • Blood cells are viewed through "dark field" filters
  • Provides considerable information and insight into the state of a person's digestion

Body Composition Analysis:
  • Uses sophisticated software and sensitive electrodes attached to the body
  • Provides accurate measurement of Basal Metabolic Rate and fat content
  • Allows for the formulation of effective nutrition and weight-loss regimens

Cholestec LDX:
  • Measures cholesterol ratios and triglyceride levels

Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN
Our Director of Education
with a Dark Field microscope

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